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I am your neighborhood broker and it is in your neighborhood that I have achieved my success! Because we work for the long term! I like to think that a brokerage contract is for a lifetime: I want to help you proactively in your decisions; it is essential to trace the path of your needs, to understand the scenarios well and to know the interaction between you and me. I do not interpret but I listen to better understand your expectations and your questions.

Your customer experience begins long before your decision! You are not a transaction and you are not anonymous. Therefore, the respect of this decision will continue to be exercised during your experience with me and my team throughout our business relationship. You will have people you love around you, your friends, your children, your parents and your work colleagues with whom you will like and share the experience you had with me.

I am a woman who practices real estate with passion. I have the necessary expertise to carry out your projects both on the residential and commercial side. I acquired my marketing and sales skills in the telecommunications sector, where I worked for more than twenty years. The skills I have developed in negotiation have allowed me to be known for always getting the best for my clients. My work ethic, my acquired knowledge and my skills form a set of tools that allow me to help you at all times during any real estate transactions.

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